Mechanical Demo

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Alpha Stage (a crude demo)

This is more of a prototye version of the game, which attempts to strongly represent pre-determined physics. It mainly focuses on mechanical features therefore is deprived of asthetics (such as images,music,sound effects). It is not bug free as there are certain things that i'm aware of that were left just for sake of timely convenence I will note of this further on this article. To clarify my intentions, I would like for you to just experiment with the presented material as it is and see what you think of it.

Click and drag the ball resting on the sling, release mouse button
  • '| |' freezes the projectile revealing further modification of trajectory
  • '| >' unfreezes the projectile
  • '|>>' more of a go and stop thing
  • 'c:on/off' toggle camera
  • right side
  • '^','0','v' navigates the nodes (active once '| |' is toggled)
  • middle
  • click and drag this to change the velocity of node (once navigation is moved)
  • left side
  • 'null' deletes the modifcation on the node
  • 'X~' inverses X velocity of selected node
  • 'Y~' inverses Y velocity of selected node
  • 'V>>' increases the velocity
  • top
  • 'Reload' is reloading projectile

middle of the screen there is a 'Radar' revealing the position of blue and yellow block and future trajectory path.
upper left side shows some status (from the top) round#, wave# and number of boxes, max height of projectile and max velocity, the Y position of projectile, the number of nodes that have been manipulated
Yes there are issues however I think there neglatable for the time being. Just hit refresh if its unresponsive
  • You can only manipulate a certian amount of nodes 20 otherwise crash
  • the game will crash at the end of 3 rounds (not 3 waves).
  • the selected nodes will move along from their plotted location if the '| |' is pressed again after plotting them or by pressing the '|>>' while plotting
  • there maybe a possiblility of the selected node to be "derailed" however it most likely not to happen playing in normal circumstances; preventive actions have been implemented as when you attempt to plot a node at or near border collision this image will pop up
  • if you're crazy keep pressing the 'V>>'
  • Others are to be discovered, however for now this version is not meant for beta testing its just playable within a good threshold!! however should you find anything feel free to reply
I cant say for certain when or if this game will be completely finished I however wish to get the freakin thing done after all the time put into it. A release date is definitely not a subject I can discuss. For now its decent and im proud of it.

its'a cooking!

Your (possible) Q's My (vauge) A's


  • Weerbalore? I don't know either
  • Why for? Well at the moment this site is basically for my indie game
  • Shop? Possible merchandizing on the way


  • Whens it done? Dunno maybe next year?
  • Story? There will be one, but at the moment everything is a work in progress